Our vision

You are not just buying a product, you are buying an experience

At Oil&Steel you don’t only buy a high quality, efficient, safe and reliable product, but also, and above all, “Italian Handcraft”. A simple and unique concept, which merges the value of “know-how” and real innovation, that is to say, finding new solutions every day to make your work even easier and more efficient.

Deciding to purchase Oil&Steel means becoming part of a big family. A place where you will never feel alone. Wherever you are in the world, you will always find us there, by your side, with our expert men, our services, our training courses and our extensive network of technical assistance.


Passion, Quality, Italian tradition

Our passion drives us to use components with high quality standards, coming almost exclusively (95%) from Italian suppliers.


Reliability, performance and safety

Our products are designed to be extremely reliable, safe, precise and performing in all working conditions.



We were born visionaries. Always looking for new ideas. But this is not enough. We want to achieve perfection.

And every day we dedicate all our time and energy in order to achieve our goal.


Fast and widespread after-sales service 

We constantly provide support to our customers from all over the world, with a dedicated team of experts whose sole objective is to make the user experience of our products unique.

Our Story

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