PM Oil&Steel and Valla at Apex 2023

We are delighted to announce that we will be at stand 1560 at the Apex 2023 trade show in Maastricht from 6 to 8 June, where we will be exhibiting several cutting-edge Oil&Steel platforms and one of the most advanced Manitex Valla self-propelled cranes.

It will be an opportunity for you to find out all about the technological and stylistic advances we have made on our flagship models: in fact, we constantly strive to grow and improve our quality standards.


Manitex International is a leading provider of engineered lifting solutions. With manufacturing facilities in various locations in North America and Europe, the company serves a variety of customers all over the world. This large product family includes Manitex telescopic fixed jib cranes, PM articulating cranes, Oil&Steel aerial platforms, Valla self-propelled pick and carry cranes, and Rabern rental equipment. Some of the main focuses of the group’s new three-year strategic plan ‘Elevate Excellence ‘25’ are teamwork, global cooperation and value creation for customers, retailers and strategic suppliers.

Since 1995, Oil&Steel has been designing and manufacturing trucked and tracked aerial platforms. Based in San Cesario sul Panaro, in the province of Modena, it is a world leader in the work-at-height sector, offering high-quality, high-performing, safe and reliable products, guaranteed by excellent Italian manufacturing.

With 80 years in the business, Manitex Valla offers a comprehensive range of versatile electric pick and carry cranes and carry decks that are suitable for use in all industries. In recent years, by drawing on decades of experience and on the expertise gained in the field, combined with ongoing technological advances, the company has completely revamped its zero-emission product range.



OctoPlus 17: this tracked platform delivers ground-breaking performance at a fraction of the space and weight, offering unparalleled versatility of use. Robustness and design, reliability, ease of use and transport with a 2-year warranty. It is available as standard with an electric motor and can be equipped with a battery pack, making it possible to work with zero emissions and in confined spaces. With its size, it ensures consistent top-notch performance: a 7.6-metre outreach with a load capacity of 250 kilograms and a maximum working height of 17 metres. In addition, it has a footprint of just 2.81 x 2.85 metres, with an easy and safe working area without limitations.

OctoPlus 21: this tracked platform, the flagship model of the OctoPlus line, offers extremely reliable performance, robustness, versatility and an attractive design while being environmentally friendly. It has a special feature that makes it possible to easily load and unload trailers and skips in just two steps, also on rough terrain. It can also move on slopes with a gradient of up to 35%. Its 10.6-metre outreach and 150 kg load capacity are worthy of note. It is suitable for all needs and can operate either in electric mode or with a battery pack. Moreover, it offers comfort features such as Homing and Memory to make work as easy as possible for the operator.

Snake 20 FB on Isuzu: it is a very compact trucked platform, both for transport and when stabilised, ensuring high performance even in small spaces. Equipped with hydraulic controls and retractable outriggers. Its Flat Basket is engineered to avoid obstacles and its +/- 90° rotation with rotary actuator makes any task easier. A must mention is its maximum outreach of 9.4 metres and maximum load capacity of 250 kilograms.

Scorpion 16 Pro on Isuzu: it is an innovative telescopic platform with an extendable crossbar stabilisation system, designed to meet even the most challenging professional requirements. It is extremely compact (only 5.9 metres long) and fully hydraulic, ensuring consistent, reliable performance and adapting to a variety of uses, with flexible stabilisation and equally easy to use. High performance is ensured by a maximum outreach of 11.3 metres and a maximum load capacity of 300 kg.


The V 80R is a radio-controlled electric pick and carry crane in the innovative R series.

It has a maximum load capacity of 8 tonnes and a lifting height of up to 9.4 metres. Its small dimensions and rear steering angle of up to 180° reduce the manoeuvring space needed, which means that it can be used even in narrow spaces.

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