We are pleased to announce that from June 21 to 23, 2023, we will be waiting for you at booth A6 at the JDL 2023 fair in Beaune (in Burgundy), with some of the most innovative Oil&Steel aerial platforms and some of the most advanced electric self-propelled cranes, Manitex Valla.

It is a time to meet to update on the technological and brought up-to-date achievements on our flagship models, with a constant perspective of growth and improvement of quality standards.


Manitex International is the leading provider of engineered lifting solutions. With production at several facilities in North America and Europe, the company serves a wide range of customers, including commercial, military and government, worldwide. This large family includes Manitex boom trucks, PM articulated cranes, Oil&Steel aerial platforms, Valla electric pick&carry self-propelled cranes, and Rabern rental equipment. Key highlights of the group’s new three-year strategic plan «Elevate Excellence ’25» include teamwork, global collaboration, and value creation for customers, dealers, and strategic suppliers.

Oil&Steel has been designing and building truck-mounted aerial platforms and spiders since 1995. Headquartered in San Cesario sul Panaro (MO), it is among the world’s leading companies in the overhead work sector, with top-quality, high-performance, safe and reliable products, guaranteed by excellent Italian manufacturing.

Manitex Valla has developed over 80 years a complete selection of versatile electric pick&carry and carry deck cranes with applications in all industries. Experience and expertise, acquired over decades of activity and constant technological evolution, have enabled an overall renewal of the zero-emission product range in recent years.


SNAKE 20FB on Isuzu: is a very compact, double pantograph truck-mounted platform with four outriggers that can be extended in silhouette, which, thanks to this configuration, allows it to operate with maximum flexibility and guarantee high performance even in tight spaces. Its basket, Flat Basket, is designed to avoid obstacles and its +/- 90° rotation, with rotating actuator, makes every job easier. High performance guaranteed with its max reach of 9.4 and max capacity of 250 kg.

OCTOPLUS 21: It is the flagship of the historic OctoPlus line, this tracked platform offers exclusive performance in reliability and robustness, versatility, design and environmental friendliness. It presents the unique feature capable of simplifying loading and unloading on trailers and skips in just two operations, even on rough terrain, as well as traversing on slopes of up to 35 percent. Also worth highlighting are its 10.6 m outreach and 150 kg load capacity. Suitable for all needs, it is available as standard with electric motor and configurable with battery pack. What’s more, to make the operator’s work as easy as possible, it has comfort features such as Homing and Memory.

SCORPION 16 on Isuzu: Fully hydraulic telescopic platform for consistently reliable performance and adaptable to a wide range of uses. Fixed and vertically descending outriggers allow the stabilization plant to be- well compacted. Hydraulic basket rotation at +/- 90°, with rotating actuator, facilitates work in any context. Capable of reaching 16 m maximum height, 11.3 m outreach and a max. load capacity of 250 kg.


25E: This is a manually operated electric crane: it provides maximum efficiency and reliability with a lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tons and a maximum lifting height of 4.9 m. Thanks to the electronic and servo-assisted steering and translation control system, operation and comfort at driving are the same as those of the best-known and most popular «Transpallet» systems.

V60R: It is among the smallest models of the new R series, radio-controlled. It has a maximum load capacity of 6 tons for a lifting height of up to 8.2 m. Its compactness and a rear steering angle of up to 180° reduce maneuvering space to a minimum, allowing it to be used even in cramped quarters.

V110R: is the intermediate model among the electric pick&carry self-propelled cranes of the innovative R series. It has a maximum load capacity of 11 tons for a lifting height of up to 10.4 m. Lifting and transport capacities on wheels (dynamic) and on outriggers (static) are safely operated by radio-controlled receiver and transmitter unit.

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